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1"Switzerland was my home for more than 5 years"  172  413globetrott   Vienna
2"Switzerland like a dream..."  246  258dr.firas   Como
3"Welcome to the Heart of The Alps"  88  168Tripack   Switzerland
4"The Heart of Europe"  43  132barbskie   Switzerland
5"Switzerland"  33  502hopang   Sweden
6"I love Switzerland - and all their cable-cars!"  59  79sandysmith  West Kirby
7" SWITZERLAND "  28  27german_eagle  Germany
8"Switzerland"  13  15Subria  Zürich
9"Autumn In Switzerland"  18  92Onedragon  Honolulu
10"Switzerland - the Playground of Europe"  14  19SLLiew  Penang
11"Mountains, lakes, cows and smiling people"  21  31babar_1  Pakistan
12"Interlaken"  10  18radz  Delhi
13"Switzerland- a land of mountains and lakes"  25  26Juditta  Miskolc Megyei Varos
14"My home country"  15  23musti72  Lenzburg
15"SWITZERLAND"  22  25JudyinPA  Pennsylvania
17"Switzerland"  10  11Daja123  Slovenia
18"Switzerland"  17  44Paul2001  Toronto
19"Switzerland for the Beginner: general Tips"  9  2Myndo  Basel
20"ACROSS SWITZERLAND"  12  14Pawtuxet  Rhode Island
21"mabu's Switzerland Page"  16  62mabu  Bern
22"Switzerland"  9  48Jim_Eliason  Arlington
23"My Heart Belongs to Switzerland"  14  15Rhondaj  Pennsville
24"Switzerland - my homeland"  17  31rebibi  Zürich
25"Switzerland, the "Crown of the Alps""  7  18850prc  Florida
26"Where I've Always Wanted To Go"  7  10riorich55  Naperville
27"My Switzerland"  8  13furioso  Switzerland
28"Not just Cheese and Army Knives"  38  57sabsi  Düsseldorf
29"SWITZERLAND"  20  88a5floor  Apeldoorn
30"Home of the most beautiful cows..."  7  2Nike333  Zürich
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