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1"Howth - 'The finest view west of Naples'"  38  142suvanki   Sheffield
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7"Beauty awaits ... just 30 minutes outside Dublin"  7  15ErinInMD  Aberdeen
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10"CLIFF WALK"  5  6Sininen  Lahti
11"Howth - Visit by Ikeneur"  6  8Groentje  De Pinte
12"Take Dart to Howth!"  2  4LauraWest  Webster Groves
13"Howth"  16  25jjasmine  Seoul
14"Dying Camera Battery"  4  20grandmaR  Leonardtown
15"A DAY ON THE DART"  10  12hevbell  Ayr
16"Orlikins moves up near Howth"  26  57orlikins  Dublin
17"HOWTH"  1shivan  Rome
18"Waves, planes and boats"  2  5sabsi  Düsseldorf
19"Howth"  3DUNK67  Evesham
20"[NO TITLE]"  1FiachraO  World
21"Howth Pier"  1  6edwis  Tampa
22"Escape from the Crowded City Centre"  3  8EPoodle  Dublin
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