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1"the place where my grandma came from"  64  257globetrott   Vienna
2"COPENHAGEN-One of Europes Oldest cities..."  20  65mallyak   Sydney
3"On top of Denmark"  27  92TheView   Aasiaat
4"Home of Legoland, HC Andersen and butter cookies"  23  15marielexoteria   Barcelona
5"Denmark"  19  92Ekahau   New York State
6"DENMARK"  16  50hopang  Sweden
7"DENMARK - welcome to Scandanavia!"  16  19mtncorg  Portland
8"Denmark - The gateway to Scandinavia"  39  41lbhspatriot  Warsaw
9"Denmark."  19  25cachaseiro  Denmark
10"elsebeth's new Denmark Page"  29  45elsebeth  Århus
11"DENMARK"  17  18ginte  London
12"Danmark, So Much To See!!"  16  17lmkluque  San Diego
13"DANMARK ~ my homecountry"  20  44Christina1881  Barcelona
14"The wonderful land"  11  39tracknfield  Chattanooga
15"Denmark : very little done in this page ...."  38  31travelife  Bangladesh
16"Driving Dan to Danmark!"  9  10nigelw6443  Berlin
17"Denmark, smorgasbord of variety and pleasure"  6  7850prc  Florida
18"Denmark"  7  8AndreSTGT  Stuttgart
19"[NO TITLE]"  6  6Adriana-RJ  Rio de Janeiro
20"DENMARK"  3  4piccolina  Como
21"[NO TITLE]"  3Pablo_krak  Krakow
22"Denmark - Danmark"  4  7grayfo   Royal Leamington Spa
23"Fairytale or not?"  29  51Sjalen  Sweden
24"2 days in Kobenhavn"  10  10amazonaNne  Bremerhaven
25"DENMARK"  21  21Maggies  Krakow
26"My country"  4  5Heikeweike  Luxembourg
27"Beautiful location"  3  16Dolly2010  India
28"Sigthor´´s Old Denmark Page"  2  3SJ11  Iceland
29"a tiny cosy country,looks like a novel"  4  10norvegiasara  Prato
30"[NO TITLE]"  2  2Banshee29  Nashville
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