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1"Guimar„es"  28  64micas_pt   Lisbon
2"Guimaraes - The cradle of Portugal"  21  53HORSCHECK    Germany
3"The Enchanting Medieval City of Guimaraes"  21  41el_ruso   Coral Gables
4"Toy medieval city with very friendly people!"  22  99Oleg_D.   Saint Petersburg
5"Guimar„es: The Cradle of Portugal"  24  46Redang   Madrid
6"Birthplace of Portugal"  7  10nhcram  Dover
7"Guimar„es"  20  33solopes  Turquel
8"The craddle of the nation"  7  9bambino36  Almada
9"GUIMARAES"  3  15northsea  Izegem
10"Traditional Portugese small town"  3  10Turska  Ylöjärvi
11"The beginning!"  3  6Witinha  Santarém
12"Guimaraes, UNESCO...."  8  42Martin_S.  Arad
13"Character abound!"  8  8evilprebil  Philadelphia
14"The best Portuguese town, definitely!"  1  2Sarita76  Rome
15"Aqui Nasceu Portugal"  1  3BlueLlama  Manchester
16"Where Portugal was born."  2  6cachaseiro  Denmark
17"Guimaraes: European Capital of Culture 2012"  3  3Richard.GVA  Geneva
18"Guimar„es"  1  4GuthrieColin  Carnation