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1"Nazaré"  48  104solopes   Turquel
2"Nazare - A quaint and booming seaside resort"  21  54HORSCHECK   Germany
3"Nazaré - the typical fishing village"  33  65MarioPortugal   Portugal
4"VT BUS TOUR TO NAZARE'"  11  71LoriPori   Windsor
5"Nazaré"  9  24Redang   Madrid
6"Quaint and wonderful"  4  9rexvaughan  Decatur
7"Not as touristy as you think..."  6  5evilprebil  Philadelphia
8"Nazare"  8  9freya_heaven  Devon
9"Sea, Sand, Surf at Nazare"  5  25Martin_S.  Arad
10"Once a fishermen village...."  4lichinga  Torino
11"Nazaré: A Stairway to Heaven"  2  10global84  Seoul
12"[NO TITLE]"  1Linds1852  World
13"[NO TITLE]"  1vivendatricolor  World
14"Beautiful Beach Town"  2  3ajphilly  Flemington
15"Nazare"  2  3ania70pl  Warsaw
16"Nazaré, Portugal"  3  3acilina  Lisbon
17"OUR STAY IN NAZARE"  2  2Davelyn  Edmonton