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1"the old cathedral & a great Technical Museum"  77  96globetrott   Vienna
2"Speyer the pearl of Palatinate and Europe"  65  300Trekki   Germany
3"WELCOME TO MY SPEYER PAGE ......:-)"  25  28eden_teuling   Netherlands
4"Underrated fun"  26  56Sjalen   Sweden
5"Inspired by Speyer"  16  74scottishvisitor   Aberdeen
6"Technik Museum Speyer"  19  46codrutz  Bucharest
7"A VT outing to a beautiful city"  11  32toonsarah   Ealing
8"SPEYER"  25  86iandsmith  Moonee Beach
9"VT DAY TRIP TO SPEYER"  9  65LoriPori  Windsor
10"Speyer on Saturday"  7  26Maryimelda  Brisbane
11"Speyer Karlsruhe meeting 2008"  5  29dila  Amsterdam
12"Wonderful cathedral, lovely place........"  5  33leics   Leicester
13"[NO TITLE]"  3  2sourbugger  County Galway
14"The Roman city of Speyer"  3  4slothtraveller  Tamworth
15"Classical Cars and Old Automatic Music Machines"  2  1marteng  Kungälv
16"Speyer"  2  4Aunt_Bertha  Europe
17"Speyer"  2  14joanj  Ipswich
18"Speyer"  1  2sswagner  Fort Worth
19"Speyer - historic city with famour Cathedral"  15  55Airpunk  Mainz
20"Historic, pretty and pleasant . . . with good food"  1  4Beausoleil  Sacramento
21"SPEYER - a UNESCO World Heritage Site nearby"  5  6tini58de  Karlsruhe
22"My Speyer"  2  10robertbaum  Yokohama
23"[NO TITLE]"  2pgj579  Bamberg
24"Welcome to SPEYER"  10  15Leipzig  Dessau
25"Home sweet home..."  1  1allinone  London