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1"The village of Alte"  13  16scottishvisitor   Aberdeen
2"Xelb"  14  51Balam   Manchester
3"Day excursion with the (W)right family"  12  14Carmela71   Spain
4"Kingdom of the Algarve"  8  17Gerrem   Germany
5"Historic Silves"  3  3Lenox   Anguilla
6"Moorish Silves"  9  12johnsakura  Ouarzazate
7"Silves from above"  2  5einokj  Helsinki
8"Sives ancient Moorish capital of Algarve"  1  7alweis  Markham
9"Vieja Capital Musulmana / Old Muslim capital"  7  13elpariente  Santander
10"Silves on the Algarve"  1  3PrincessMonja  Málaga
11"Silves away from the crowds - almost"  4  5davesut  Manchester
12"Silves: The "Very Different" Algarve"  6  27global84  Seoul
13"Silves - Former Moorish capital"  12  75Willettsworld  United Kingdom
14"Silves Castle"  9  9freya_heaven  Devon
15"Welcome to SILVES"  4  9Leipzig  Dessau
16"Arab pearl!"  2  4Lunaina  Helmond
17"[NO TITLE]"  3  4MURRA  Toronto
18"Historic City"  2  8mickeyboy07  Stalybridge
19"The Moorish Capital of the Algarve"  2  3antz  Taynuilt