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1"Alicante, my home city"  54  144Aitana   Alicante
2"Alicante, pueblo grande"  28  31gOdOtPm   Alicante
3"A city to discover!!"  23  40benidormone   Antwerp
4"WELCOME TO ALICANTE!"  26  43Hosell   Benidorm
5"Alicante - we never really intended to be there!"  10  27Bwana_Brown   Fredericton
6"Alicante, Spain"  12  86SWFC_Fan  Sheffield
7"ALICANTE - COSTA BLANCA"  9  42LoriPori  Windsor
8"Summer time"  10  18Christina1881  Barcelona
9"Alicante"  9  51barbskie  Switzerland
10"Qué bárbaro!"  12  6BlackTshirt  Alicante
11"A bit of spain in a sea of ex-pats"  10  10sourbugger  County Galway
12"Alicante - Host city to the 2008 VOLVO OCEAN RACE"  7  13MaheshSamtani  Valencia
13"Alicante"  9  1marisa81  Thunder Bay
14"Sun shine all year round"  6  3Nicky-IRE  Alicante
15"Alicante"  5  30Kuznetsov_Sergey  Moscow
16"Alicante"  8  25elssbkeppe  San Javier
17"Sunny Alicante"  6  16rebibi  Zürich
18"Alicante!"  3  4s_odyssey  Montreal
19"Our home Alicante"  3  14Mette-DK  Alicante
20"A beautiful beach city that is often overlooked"  4canttaketheskyfromme  Plymouth
21"Elegant and Sophisticated"  5  1raquelitalarga  Nottingham
22"A winter visit"  7  2FamilyOfSix  Geneva
23"Short, late season, get away"  4  7chrisdScotland  Dunfermline
24"Alicante"  4  13PeterReed  Preston
25"Warm city"  7  8Lalique  Moscow
26"Arenas's new Alicante Page"  9  10Arenas  Alicante
27"Warm and wellcoming Alicante :-)"  9  20little_mouse  Lithuania
28"Pat and Zo Ann's Excellent Adventures in Alicante"  3  24Pat&ZoAnn  Vancouver
29"Alicante, Costa Blanca"  7  10Pauldelabar  Nerja
30"[NO TITLE]"  1KimIvory  Leighton Buzzard
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