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1"Antequera - En el Corazon de Andalucia"  43  59Senoritasmile   Kent
2"ANTEQUERA 'THE HEART OF ANDALUCIA'"  23  146LoriPori   Windsor
3"Beautiful Antequera"  21  24Geoff_Wright   Altarnun
4"Antequera and beautiful Torcal Nature park"  10  20Bwana_Brown   Fredericton
5"Antequera (Malaga) The City of Art"  15  18blint   Cadiz
6"Beach_dogs Antequera Page"  10  41Beach_dog  Marbella
7"Antequera, still undiscovered by mass tourism"  24  35Carmela71  Spain
8"Icicles in Andalusia"  7  15zizkov  Stirling
9"'The heart of Andalucia'"  12  51leics   Leicester
10"Antequera, beautiful treasure in center Andalusia"  10  14Sergio_ATQ  Antequera
11"[NO TITLE]"  2  4stayontheroad  Antequera
12"Antequera"  6  10peterdhduncan  Bredon
13"Antequera (Málaga)"  1alcalacurro  Madrid
14"Rest and relaxation"  1  3duet62  Manchester
15"Land of Giants and Enchanted Sea Kingdom"  2  5berenices  Lisbon
16"[NO TITLE]"  1noirroi  Moscow
17"Antequera"  2  4solopes  Turquel