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1"Barcelona es bona..."  100  160Belsaita   Barcelona
2"Seamandrew's Barcelona Page"  93  127seamandrew   New Brunswick
3"Truly Catalunya, Truly Spain"  86  92bpwillet   Arlington
4"Barcelona,one of the most beautiful Spanish cities"  69  316spanishguy   Sevilla
5"Addictive Barcelona"  61  245sue_stone   Sydney
6"BCN, a mediterranean capital"  74  77SirRichard  Madrid
7"Gaudi is Not the Only Site in the City"  69  201BruceDunning  Huntsville
8"The capital of County of Barcelona"  113  560Oleg_D.  Saint Petersburg
9"BARCELONA CATALONIA'S CAPITAL"  78  118Hosell  Benidorm
10"Barcelona - bustling capital of Catalans"  55  120Raimix  Vilnius
11"THE CITY OF DELIGHTFUL ARCHITECTURE"  44  134balhannah  Brisbane
12"Barcelona - Europe's MUST-SEE City!"  51  65Jetgirly  North America
13"Weird and beautiful!"  52  173mindcrime  Athens
14"Finding Your Way Around Barcelona"  69  109listenandlearn  Barcelona
15"Catalan, Gaudi, Barca, Culture"  44  27emilybcn  San Diego
16"The colourful city of Barcelona"  51  122Rupanworld  Kolkata (Calcutta)
17"BEAUTIFUL BARCELONA"  59  103hevbell  Ayr
18"Maybe the best city in Europe"  83  130DPando  Barcelona
19"April-2008 stopover, now "just" Barcelona in 2011"  77  370Martin_S.  Arad
20"Vicky Cristina Barcelona"  55  100Gili_S  Europe
21"Benvingut a Barcelona!"  76  304MM212  London
22"Barcelona!"  42  206Kuznetsov_Sergey   Moscow
23"My Barcelona"  48  57Elisabcn  Paris
24"Barcelona"  36  37Maria_75  Isla de Gran Canaria
25"Barcelona - The city Madrid should have been"  31  32easyoar  Reading
26"Barcelona-in my heart and in my mind"  44  70kerouacsdog  Torquay
27"Barcelona"  36  61dlandt  Chicago
28"Barcelona - An Amazing City"  37  50clairegeordio  Buckinghamshire
29"Barcelona"  30  154MalenaN   Europe
30"Cousin Luisa and Family Live There"  30  125atufft  Stockton
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