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1"Figueres"  18  18Jeca011   Belgrade
2"The Home of Salvador Dali"  14   Warsaw
3"day trip to Dali’s birthplace"  13  47mindcrime    Athens
4"Dali and a lot of restaurants"  6  15Mahieu   Belfast
5"DALI"  5  16kazander   New Jersey
6"salvador dali at his best"  4  18call_me_rhia  Europe
7"Not only Dali's Museum"  2  10Belsaita  Barcelona
8"Figueres ; Salvador Dali's sweet hometown"  9  29artonice  Istanbul
9"Dali' Dali' Dali'"  7  8xaver  Porto Recanati
10"Salvador Dali"  6  29dlandt  Chicago
11"Figueres, la capital de l' Alt Empordŕ"  4  5prunila  Girona
12"Ciudad De Dali"  3  17ozalp  Istanbul
13"The Dali Theatre-Museum"  1  2JetlagCity  Seattle
14"GIRONA"  2  5barbskie  Switzerland
15"Figueres"  8  10LanaFromRiga  Riga
16"[NO TITLE]"  4  4marinas  Zajecar
17"DALI city"  3  4Lalique  Moscow
18"Figueres"  2  2Madlena  Krakow
19"Dali´s Teatre Museu."  12  25euzkadi  Guatemala
20"[NO TITLE]"  1yons45  World
21"Figueres, Dali museum"  9  17catnl  Eindhoven
22"Figueres"  2  7mvtouring  South Africa
23"Passing through?"  1  1Kettleman  Hythe
24"Dalí, Dalí"  2  6lotharlerch  Telfs