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1"Frigiliana a beautiful white village on a mountain"  35  94Waalewiener   Windsor
2"One of the most beautiful Andalusian cities"  24  69spanishguy   Sevilla
3"The prettiest village in Andalucía"  29  49Carmela71   Spain
4"PICTURESQUE FRIGILIANA"  5  42LoriPori   Windsor
5"Once, this was a Moorish village........"  10  38leics   Leicester
6"Frigiliana. A place of hills."  5  9Pauldelabar  Nerja
7"Frigiliana"  3  6El_Sueco  Stockholm
8"Frigiliana"  3  23ranger49  Wales
9"Frigiliana, Province of Malaga, Spain"  2  3tejanasueca  Quito
10"[NO TITLE]"  1  1BSTROOBANT  Brussels
11"A beautiful white town"  6  16GibJoe  Gibraltar
12"Frigiliana"  1  2kucha  New York City
13"Whitewashed Town in the Hills"  2  5cwest03  San Jose
14"Beautiful"  5  15lina112  Málaga