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1"Medieval beauty"  32  41bpwillet   Arlington
2"GIRONA"  28  74prunila   Girona
3"Girona medieval splendour of Catalonia"  25  47Raimix   Vilnius
4"GIRONA"  18  63Belsaita   Barcelona
5"Really worth it!"  17  23Mahieu   Belfast
6"The GIRONA experience!"  22  47Malecka  Skopje
7"Girona versus Barcelona"  14  40scottishvisitor  Aberdeen
8"Daytrip to Girona"  15  102MalenaN  Europe
9"Dont skip it!"  16  40mindcrime  Athens
10"Colorful Girona"  20  124KiNyA  Slovenia
11"Girona - The heart of the Costa Brava region"  12  17HORSCHECK  Germany
12"Girona - more than just a RYANAIR airport....."  15  16tini58de  Karlsruhe
13"Medieval Town"  12  Warsaw
14"Girona/Gerona"  10  26Redang  Madrid
15"Girona"  8  9arlequin_g  Barcelona
16"Medieval Girona"  10  23TheaIren  Shannon
17"Best former jewish quarter city in Europe"  13  36DPando  Barcelona
18"Lovely Catalan ancient city!!!"  7  16crazyguitar  Barcelona
19"I could have stayed here longer."  5  10yelli  Austin
20"medieval Girona"  5  48angiebabe  Xi'an
21"[NO TITLE]"  8  7listenandlearn  Barcelona
22"If only I had 15 minutes more..."  5  13ozalp  Istanbul
23"The city that surprised me"  4  8Urzu  Madrid
24"Gerona"  4  5ania70pl  Warsaw
25"Not Actually Girona, but close by..."  4  5surferob  Encinitas
26"GIRONA, my hometown"  4  8Nathalygiro  Girona
27"Girona"  9  15LanaFromRiga  Riga
28"Definitely worth the visit!"  5  12mikey_e  Ottawa
29"Girona - Not Just An Airport!"  8  22pure1942  Dungarvan
30"Two Great Nights in Girona.."  4  10mstinawu  Torrance
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