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1"My Granada"  92  106blint   Cadiz
2"Much More Than The Alhambra"  68  168suvanki   Sheffield
3"And How to fall in love with a city...."  76  118Carmela71   Spain
4"Granada"  37  131Dabs   Chicago
5"Feel of Old Islam in Spain"  36  40Hopkid   Richmond
6"Beautiful architecture and fantastic views!"  27  68Bwana_Brown  Fredericton
7"My new home - My old home"  35  50Christina1881  Barcelona
8"GRANADA IN NOVEMBER"  33  125BerniShand  Upwell
9"Moscow-Granada"  32  156Kuznetsov_Sergey  Moscow
10"granada spain"  30  33doug48  Orlando
11"Granada غرناطة"  35  128MM212  London
12"The Camino Mozárabe 250 Miles, Granada to Merida"  40  118into-thin-air  Cumbria
13"GRANADA --- I'M UNDER YOUR SPELL"  22  25LoriPori  Windsor
14"In Granada.........."  36  58lina112  Málaga
15"North African city in Spain"  17  27aaaarrgh  Cardiff
16"MOORISH TALES IN GRANADA"  27  81call_me_rhia  Europe
17"[NO TITLE]"  27  24travelife  Bangladesh
18"At last - The Alhambra !"  15  30Ekaterinburg  Cork
19"GRANADA"  29  30arlequin_g  Barcelona
20"GRANADA The Royal Arab Palace"  37  70Hosell  Benidorm
21"Granada, home of the Alhambra"  25  125Martin_S.  Arad
22"Granada"  16  41Aitana  Alicante
23"Spaniard Poetry and Moorish Legends"  17  30andal13  Montevideo
24"I lived in Granada for nearly 3 years"  37  42raquelitalarga  Nottingham
25"Beach_dogs Granada Page."  26  64Beach_dog  Marbella
26"Granada - The Alhambra - An Arab Palace"  13  14easyoar  Reading
27"Site of La Alhambra - Spain's top attraction"  16  60Durfun  London
28"GRANADA - ALHAMBRA PALACE"  13  58Regina1965  Reykjavík
29"Granada, Espana"  13  56jamiesno  Goose Bay
30"Much more than 'just' the Alhambra........."  29  142leics   Leicester
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