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1"ˇBienvenido a Madrid!/Welcome to Madrid!"  195  521Redang   Madrid
2"Madrid is where I live"  170  201SirRichard   Madrid
3"Madrid: My home for 3 fantastic weeks!"  66  160Jefie    Quebec
4"Home is where you're always from"  81  120agarcia   Madrid
5"WONDERFUL MADRID"  205  270ger4444   Netherlands
6"As we say in Andalucia, Madri"  78  102Carmela71  Spain
7"Hablemos de Madrid (Let's talk about Madrid)"  62  76andal13  Montevideo
8"MADRID? MADRIZ!!!!!!!MADRÍ!!!!!!"  63  105zumodemango  Madrid
9"Madrid, Espana!"  41  84jamiesno  Goose Bay
10"De Madrid al Cielo!"  47  61Lorro  Madrid
11"De Madrid al cielo y un agujero para verlo"  39  67marielexoteria  Copenhagen
12"Madrid has it all!"  39  54vanessadb  Miami
13"The story of an unplanned trip...."  39  70Nathalie_B  Tel Aviv-Yafo
14"Madrid"  64  69acemj  Philadelphia
15"Madrid"  60  195MM212  London
16"New Madrid Page"  38  65El_Sueco  Stockholm
17"HOLA and Buenos dias to you all..."  29  34nhcram  Dover
18"Madrid... just have to love it!"  39  54Urzu  Madrid
19"Vivo en Madrid!"  41  94mollymoo0oo0  Madrid
20"Madrid... an emerging city!"  34  30tzuki  Stevenage
21"Three days in Madrid"  31  74fachd  Canberra
22"Student exchange... Great experience"  41  53Gaby_G  Huixquilucan
23"On the Road in Madrid"  39  52Roadquill  Calabasas
24"The Football Trip"  26  30scottishvisitor  Aberdeen
25"Madrid - Capital of Spanish Nightlife"  28  34HORSCHECK  Germany
26"ROYAL MADRID"  24  27ruki  Belgrade
27"MAGIC times in Madrid!"  35  107suvanki  Sheffield
28"Madrid"  28  109barbskie  Switzerland
29"City of balconies"  30  128leics  Leicester
30"Everything and Everyone..."  30  42morgane1692  Virginia
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