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1"MALAGA LA BELLA"  35  40diageva   Kanton Aargau
2"MALAGA "CAPITAL OF THE COSTA DEL SOL""  34  57lina112   Málaga
3"MAGNIFICENT MALAGA"  26  162LoriPori   Windsor
4"There's more to Malaga than the airport"  26  46Senoritasmile   Kent
5"Malaga & Costa del Sol UNDER RECONSTRUCTION....."  60  83Carmela71   Spain
6"The Fortress and castle on top ranks high"  23  64BruceDunning  Huntsville
7"Malaga is Under Construction!"  32  63blint  Cadiz
8"An unexplored city at the Costa del Sol"  19  56Helga67  Belgium
9"A day and a bit, then two days......"  24  95leics   Leicester
10"MALAGA."  13  69Regina1965  Reykjavík
11"my adopted city!"  18  47cbeaujean  Málaga
12"Malaga - The Costa Del Sol's best kept secret"  9  16Myfanwe  Cardiff
13"Málaga. Spain"  12  27RAINBOWWINGS  Kent
14"Conquistando la Costa del Sol"  25  16Malecka  Skopje
15"Málaga"  15  18Geoff_Wright  Altarnun
16"Beach_dog's Malaga Page"  14  32Beach_dog  Marbella
17" Málaga - not just an airport! "  56  221PrincessMonja  Málaga
18"The art of sleeping with one eye open..."  7  7aaaarrgh  Cardiff
19"Malaga, another great Spanish city"  7  10benidormone  Antwerp
20"Málaga"  7  15MM212  London
21"New to travel and I´m already bit by the bug!"  6  3JennEph  Guelph
22"Málaga La Bella"  6  9ape_huva  Málaga
23"Magnetic Malaga"  7  19ayesh  Netherlands
24"Malaga Province Page"  49  62gabriellefox  Leigh-on-Sea
25"It could get hot here!"  7  1IanMacPhail  Glasgow
26"Malaga - Costa del Sol Gateway"  6  8Alless  Rio de Janeiro
27"Malaga"  3  7sue_stone  Sydney
28"Málaga, Costa del Sol"  5  22Pauldelabar  Nerja
29"The Center of the Costa del Sol"  8  34hquittner  New Orleans
30"Malaga - Costa Del Sol"  4  5Henkster  Munich
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