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1"BEAUTIFUL ISLAND OF MALLORCA."  33  35cazz38   Devon
2"Majorca, a European paradise"  45  55hundertmorgen   West Seattle
3"8 million people a year can't be wrong !"  29  30sourbugger   County Galway
4"Mallorca Island"  23  63barbskie   Switzerland
5"Mallorca - a great island"  18  34Gerrem   Germany
6"Mallorca."  21  46Maurizioago  Caldonazzo
7"~ Palma Nova & Magaluf, Majorca ~"  15  21Heavens-Mirror  Derby
8"Majorcan Meanders"  22  81into-thin-air  Cumbria
9"Hiking in Mallorca"  24  75barryg23  Ealing
10"5 days in Mallorca"  12  43mindcrime   Athens
11"Summer at its best"  45  56Bigs  Hannover
12"Welcome to the beautiful island"  31  55chicabonita  Frankfurt am Main
13"Let the sunshine in..."  14  20zandalee  Vale de Cambra
14"My Mallorca"  11  9schmechi  Vienna
15"My favorite island.."  14  26Mique  Rangoon
16"The Water in Majorca dant taste like wot it oughta"  18  16nigelw6443  Berlin
17"Welcome to my new Mallorca Page"  19  19Kristina1701  Germany
18"Quiet side of Majorca"  8  11jol1y  Manchester
19"The Main Island"  10  27solopes  Turquel
20"GRANT IN MAGALUF!!!"  7  10GrantBoone  Greater London
21"Silver Wedding Celebration in Majorca"  12  15GypsyBessie  England
22"Summer holiday in Mallorca (majorca island)"  12  13chancay  Hannover
23"Cala Millor resort"  15  5KeenTraveller08  World
24"MAJORCA ISLAND."  8  36alectrevor  York
25"Magical Majorca"  16  19Nixter01  England
26"Mallorca"  7  2IceBear7  New Zealand
27"Not at all the Beach Bums Island"  4  9SabrinaSummerville  Waterford
28"Partytime in Magaluf, Majorca"  4  1glamourprincess  Oslo
29"majorca"  4  1mickeyjane1  Middlesbrough
30"Majorca (Mallorca)"  5  10grayfo  Royal Leamington Spa
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