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1"Surviving the Bull"  51  90Roadquill   Calabasas
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3"" The Camino Frances" (Part 1)"  27  40into-thin-air   Cumbria
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5"San Fermin Encierros on Spanish TV."  8  10breughel   Belgium
6"sanfermines"  10  10lostaussie  Sydney
7"WHEN BULLS ARE GONE"  7  7morganna  Barcelona
8"Pamplona and San Fermin"  3  4DSwede  Charleston
9"Pamplona."  4  20pfsmalo  La Gouesnière
10"Partys, Bulls and Crazy Times"  6  7ADV27  San Diego
11"Intro to Spanish Nightlife"  6  16Radiomom  Durham
12"Pamplona"  6  4timtregenza  Bilbao
13"Pamplona Attractions and nightlife"  2Quepasa  Stuttgart
14"I ran with the bulls"  13  35jnyvegas  North America
15"[NO TITLE]"  2  2PNMLAW  Cherry Hill
16"[NO TITLE]"  1lailo1  London
17"Pamplona"  1  5Aitana  Alicante
18"Pam-freaking-plona!"  2  5Wingshot  Austin
19"SAN FERMINE 2005"  2  5TANjarin  Houston
20"Hemingways Pamplona"  10  1lomi  Isla de Lanzarote
21"[NO TITLE]"  1  5jjdrake  Falls Church
22"pamplona"  1  1naturechica  United States of America
23"IRUNA also known by PAMPLONA"  8  17DPando  Barcelona