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1"Reykjavík - my home town."  262  1286Regina1965   Reykjavík
2"Reykjavik's Peculiar Charm"  50  138acemj   Philadelphia
3"REYKJAVIK, THE CAPITAL IN THE FAR NORTH"  161  511davidjo    Puerto Princesa
4"The Land of Fire and Ice"  32  42peach93   Massachusetts
5"Reykjavik - Northern Gem"  25  105sue_stone   Sydney
6"Iceland - Over the Pole"  58  154kaloz  Cordova
7"A Quick Northern Jaunt"  28  44Jmill42  Austin
8"Quirky City !"  35  59coceng  Kampong Masjid Tanah
9"Reykjavík"  27  49Redang  Madrid
10"Jumping Around Reykjavik!"  15  62jumpingnorman  Phoenix
11"Reykjavik"  19  55Jim_Eliason  Arlington
12"Seamandrew's Reykjavik Page"  16  16seamandrew  New Brunswick
13"Interlude at Smoky Bay"  17  65travelfrosch  Boston
14"At the Top of the World"  28  72jlanza29  Miami
15"Reykjavik - One Fab' City"  17  17SapineKuu  Liverpool
16"Reykjavik, Iceland"  14  94SWFC_Fan  Sheffield
17"Unexpected Reykjavik"  14  26christine.j  Germany
18"First time in Iceland"  25  80IreneMcKay  Hong Kong
19"Reykjavik - Iceland"  22  72pure1942  Dungarvan
20"A few hours in the city"  9  32toonsarah  Ealing
21"Hot Spot Iceland"  10  64coccinella169  Vienna
22"My first visit to Iceland & Reykjavik"  18  69gordonilla  Uxbridge
23"Reykjavík the tiny capital"  10  11hat53  Delfgauw
24"Reykjavik - The World's most northern capital"  16  44MikeAtSea  Durban
25"Reykjavík for less than a day..."  11  22MM212   London
26"Reykjavik - The world's northernmost capital"  25  90Airpunk  Mainz
27"The 'smoking' northernmost capital in the world"  11  46jojes  Tongeren
28"Reykjavik, Reykjavik, Reykjavik"  10  16sigthor_egle  Copenhagen
29"The capital of cool"  10  18bzh  London
30"Reykjavik"  16  5sarahandgareth  Medford
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