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1"Porvoo - Borgå"  29  41ZenLady34   Porvoo
2"Porvoo - Captivating charm of Finland"  15  23HORSCHECK   Germany
3"Charming town by the sea"  36  37Sininen   Lahti
4"Porvoo ~ On the King's Road"  10  11starship    United States of America
5"Porvoo (in Swedish Borgå)"  36  50Gili_S   Europe
6"Porvoo, where my mind lives"  19  20Scandic  Helsinki
7"A Lovely Quaint Town"  14  22Openseas  Sydney
8"daytrip to PORVOO (Borga)"  12  56mindcrime  Athens
9"PORVOO- Just an hour away by bus from Helsinki!"  4  13jumpingnorman  Phoenix
10"Porvoo - I could live here"  5  20jorgec25  Alcochete
11"Welcome to Porvoo - a Finnish gem!"  5  18yumyum  Zürich
12"Porvoo-Borgå"  12  13kindretspiri  Finland
13"[NO TITLE]"  6  5Turska  Ylöjärvi
14"A great day out: Porvoo"  3  3Knutt  Bochum
15"Welcome to Porvoo"  15  16Lalique  Moscow
16"Porvoo"  9  15Igraine  Purmerend
17"A weekend at Porvoo, recommended!"  3  18kimmo_v  Helsinki
18"Old Porvoo"  4  5Pomska  Helsinki
19"Great little place!"  3  12Maideneer  Mineola
20"Red Waterfront"  5  6aukjejetty  Assen
21"Beautiful Porvoo"  6  18lina112  Málaga
22"Porvoo"  2  5deptlads  Deptford
23"Idyllic old town -short way from my home town"  2  3croatia2006  Helsinki
24"[NO TITLE]"  1katinkk  Porvoo
25"[NO TITLE]"  11  12nomadig  Espoo
26"Porvoo - A wooden Paradise"  3  10sabsi  Düsseldorf
27"Porvoo"  2  1Dexters  Hamburg
28"A Brief Visit - But I Will Be Back"  1  2TimPickles  Market Harborough
29"Porvoo is more than just the Old Town"  3  4mickebear  Borgerhout
30"Beautiful Porvoo!"  6  7Liinu  Helsinki
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