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1"Tampere"  31  137mindcrime    Athens
2"Tampere,city of shy people.."  93  126Turska   Ylöjärvi
3"Tampere - my favorite city in Finland"  24  26Janni67   Tampere
4"MORO!"  25  36Sininen   Lahti
5"Tampere"  46  79Gili_S   Europe
6"Tampere"  11  19laurenzia  Tampere
7"Tampere - Industry, Students and Ryanair"  37  92Airpunk  Mainz
8"Heinisuo's Tampere Page"  16  14Heinisuo  Kangasala
9"Gili_S's Finnish hometown"  15  16Lalique  Moscow
10"~ Tampere ~"  8  20Marpessa  Canada
11"The Lakes, Towers, and Sauna :)"  8  31Durfun  London
12"Tampere - a nice surprise"  6  7magor65  Wroclaw
13"Tampere - the biggest inland city in Scandinavia"  6  9finlandia  Finland
14"Finland"  6  3kindretspiri  Finland
15"Tampere, toivon. etta tapaamme uudelleen!"  4  4SapineKuu  Liverpool
16"The "Manchester of the North""  14  14brazwhazz  Montreal
17"Red bricks, blue water, white snow and lights!"  39  99akkipaa  Tampere
18"Tampere"  22  12Pomska  Helsinki
19"Ryanair's gateway to Finland"  3  7kit_mc  London
20"My home town Tampere"  43  44Hockeylady  Tampere
21"[NO TITLE]"  3  3AbbyL  Cardiff
22"Tampere"  14  17LysDor  Finland
23"Cold Weather, Warm People"  343beckos  Liverpool
24"eal's new Tampere Page"  4  1eal  Tampere
25"Tampere"  2  3swetluska  Ostrava
26"Tampereelta nääs!"  16  1einokj  Helsinki
27"Mico's Tampere"  14Mico74  London
28"Manchester of Finland"  3  5hartti  Turku
29"My city, my heart"  7petrax  Tampere
30"[NO TITLE]"  1Rynagh  Dublin
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