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1"The fantastic Art Nouveau town"  24  66Cristian_Uluru   Italy
2"Ålesund, a beautiful town with a dramatic history"  26  91Hildeal    Oslo
3"Ålesund"  14  15sim1   Sweden
4"Alesund & Sunnmore"  10  12evaanna   Poland
5"Ålesund - Fjords and Jugendstil"  6  24MikeAtSea   Durban
6"Ålesund"  19  16Saagar  Norway
7"Porteplume's new Ålesund Page"  8  24Porteplume  Bruinisse
8"the big fire"  6  7call_me_rhia  Europe
9"Alesund"  5  14cfuentesm  Mexico City
10"Ålesund"  11  4Mandy23  California
11"Alesund A Safe Harbour"  1  16wise23girl  State of Queensland
12"Ålesund"  11  11gardesque  Runde
13"F.Lade's new Alesund Page"  20  51F.Lade  Nøtterøy
14"Picturesque City by the Sea"  1  16longsanborn  Netherlands
15"Aalesund"  1  1foona  Norway
16"The Art Nouveau City Of The North"  1  2Adagio1  Bundanoon
17"[NO TITLE]"  1SailorRoar  Oslo
18"[NO TITLE]"  2yukik  World
19"ÅLESUND"  2  4martinelli  Oslo
20"Ålesund and the Sunnmøre Alps"  6  7Gangerolv  Rollinsville
21"The Art Nouveau Center of Norway"  3  4YokuMoku  Top of the World
22"The Art Nouveau Town"  1  2Bjorgvin  Reykjavík Region
23"The area of Alesund!"  8  7Knoto  Bockenem
24"Coming soon..."  1  3Yiannis2000  Europe
25"Nord- and Storfjorden Area Page"  6  7Roeffie  Druten
26"Central Norway - Alesund and the environs"  4  13zeelie  Singapore
27"[NO TITLE]"  2  2Stylist  Oslo
28"Ålesund"  1  5Hi_Im_Phil  Detroit
29"davidcross's new Alesund Page"  3  4davidcross  Todmorden
30"Ålesund - From my view..."  3  2Alvestad  Ålesund
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