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1"Romania, a country of history, art, and humanity"  73  297Fam.Rauca   Vienna
2"It was ' home' for a few months"  44  44Mique   Rangoon
3"Romania, Eastern Jewel"  20  57SanguiniA   Helsinki
4"Ce faci, Romania?"  18  26midnight_mike   Chicago
5"Welcome to my homecountry"  31  101codrutz   Bucharest
6"Romania-worth a sin"  19  57zaffaran  Gdynia
7"Walking in the Carpathian Mountains"  28  47grets  Bristol
8"Beautiful Romania"  17  17AndreSTGT  Stuttgart
9"My Country....."  13  14alirom  Romania
10"Absurdistan, wooden churches, Dracula. And cheese."  64  83Romanian_Bat  Bucharest
11"Destination Romania"  12  14ovidiu_nan  Bucharest
12"I'd like to share...."  13  45josephescu  Bucharest
13"Romanian Tradition & Beyond"  8  15RoBeauty  Bucharest
14"Romania, the land of hospitality"  7  29kikalena  Gdansk
15"Ah! Romania...simply surprising...even for me!"  10  33Elweb  Castalla
16"First Trip Overseas - Beautiful Romania"  7  16Shockgirl  Groves
17"Romania"  10  42Ekahau  New York State
18"Here long enough to see all four seasons"  9  4DSwede  Charleston
19"STEP BACK IN TIME IN SCENIC ROMANIA"  17  38balhannah  Brisbane
20"5 Days in Romania"  15  5ThiagoRamos  São Paulo
21"Romania"  7  7rollinstone81  Düsseldorf
22"Romania, where my soul belongs"  5  16Polska  Europe
23"Romania - Summer 2005"  14  8MariusG  Herzliya
24"Travel through Romania"  4  8melissa_bel  Brussels
25"Bine ati venit!(Welcome!)"  14  15soricel  Ploiesti
26"Tom1971's new Romania Page"  20  13Tom1971  Chorley
27"Romania - Wild Wild East"  7  7deeper_blue  London
29"Romania from an archaeological perspective"  10  5shotgunsally  Ottawa
30"The Empire of Romania"  11  12Pinoy  New York City
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