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1"My Tribute to Trier"  25  88Maryimelda   Brisbane
2"Trier: Where the Romans left their traces"  22  26ger4444   Netherlands
3"trier"  22  26doug48   Orlando
4"Older than Rome !"  19  83kokoryko   Dushanbe
5"Trier"  21  43antistar   Frankfurt am Main
6"worth a visit"  17  42iaint  Kirkcaldy
7"The oldest city of Germany!"  19  24Jerelis  Hoogeveen
8"Trier, land of the Romans"  8  20smschley  Hayward
9"One of my favorite places"  22  17wayne0k  Pennsylvania
10"Trier - Roman City"  9  10ultchuk  Den Bosch
11"A Day in Trier"  17  64hquittner  New Orleans
12"Germany's Oldest City"  10  27Tom_Fields  Washington D.C.
13"Spend at least a whole day in this wonderful town"  10  15Segolily  Salt Lake City
14"Trier ... Rome Secunda"  11  23Helga67  Belgium
15"Trier"  8  26Maria250  Germany
16"ANCIENT TRIER"  16  37balhannah  Brisbane
17"Trier -- ancient Roman city in German wine country"  20  35Ewingjr98  Pennsylvania
18"What Happened to my Intro ?"  5  7mustertal  World
19"The oldest town in Germany"  11  20Skipka  Bratislava
20"TRIER - A Beautiful City Worth Visiting"  6  9sargentjeff  Abu Dhabi
21" other UNESCO city"  23  19Polly74  Pinerolo
22"this place is old"  6  7terps94  Dixon
23"Romans, Dom and some very colourful buildings"  11  45leics  Leicester
24"Augusta Treverorum"  4  22Elena77  Koblenz
25"Trier Germany"  14  33alectrevor  York
26"Trier, the oldest city in Germany"  5  6Muya  Sirault
27"Germany's oldest city"  4  5Beckhanne  Brussels
28"Town with history"  3  7Turska  Ylöjärvi
29"Trier Page"  4  4kindretspiri  Finland
30"[NO TITLE]"  6  22HanDam  World
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