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1"OSLO - NORWAY´S CAPITAL CITY."  154  846Regina1965    Reykjavík
2"OSLO"  120  163Maria_75   Isla de Gran Canaria
3"oslo my home (bomb) town"  134  389Hildeal   Oslo
4"The fantastic capital of Norway"  69  145Cristian_Uluru   Italy
5"My Own Private Oslo"  112  173yooperprof   Marquette
6"Oslo"  37  123Jim_Eliason  Grand Prairie
7"Oslo: Scratch below for the real soul"  30  48diocletianvs  Zagreb
8"Winter Weekend in Oslo"  36  95suvanki  Sheffield
9"Gili's Oslo Page"  49  88Gili_S  Gili
10"My hometown rocks"  62  6glamourprincess  Oslo
11"Oslo - Scandinavia's sunny capital"  26  52HORSCHECK   Germany
12"Saagar's Oslo"  94  30Saagar  Norway
13"Oslo"  24  51littlesam1  Baltimore
14"My home"  61  86xantylaol  Oslo
15"Oslo - between forest and fjord"  21  26Bernd_L  Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen
16"Oslo, Christiania or the World I dream of"  43  55martinelli  Oslo
17"Oslo for Beginners"  22  56Ekaterinburg  Cork
18"Welcome to frigging expensive (but beautiful) Oslo"  22  57marielexoteria  Barcelona
19"oslo - summer and winter"  26  23SORHUS  Haugesund
20"OSLO, relaxing, unique and walkable"  16  53jumpingnorman  Phoenix
21"...not yet winter: the first snow..."  28  59call_me_rhia  Europe
22"Who's that clip clop clipping over my bridge ?"  20  22sourbugger  County Galway
23"Amazing Oslo"  131  155bpwillet  Arlington
24"Oslo an interesting portal to Norway"  35  25SailorRoar  Oslo
25"Wonderful Oslo"  33  138darkjedi  Portchester
26"Oslo"  27  57elcolibri  Isla de Tenerife
27"Beauty of the North"  23  26prleprle  Novi Sad
28"Norwegian Wood"  14  12SapineKuu  Liverpool
29"Oslo at the end of Winter ..."  15  37SanguiniA  Helsinki
30"Karl Johan's Gate"  28  13rich_celine  Oslo
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