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1"3 days in Trondheim"  32  143globetrott   Vienna
2"Norway's First Capital, Trondhjem"  18  30bpacker   Hong Kong
3"The anciest Norway's Capital"  21  46Cristian_Uluru   Italy
4"Trondheim - Under construction"  36  37diocletianvs   Zagreb
5"Trondheim - A visit on historical ground"  23  32maritagnes   Bodø
6"The city where I studied"  20  16jonkb  Malmö
7"Nidaros - Historical capital of Norway"  16  8Sjalen  Sweden
8"TRONDHEIM"  10  11Maria_75  Isla de Gran Canaria
9"Norway's 3rd largest city"  12  33knerten  Molde
10"Trondheim-City over 1000 years old"  9  10Ken_Weaver  San Diego
11"Trondheim - what a charming city!"  10  29tini58de   Karlsruhe
12"Trondheim - The First Capital Of Norway"  5  6Jonesy77  Trondheim
13"Trondheim - the city in my heart!"  9  12Elibra  Sandnes
14"the ancient capital"  6  7call_me_rhia  Europe
15"Trondheim"  8  22cfuentesm  Mexico City
16"Trondheim"  3  2himalia11  Schupbach
17"Trondheim"  11  12GUYON  Paris
18"Trondheim"  4  8Knutt  Bochum
19"Trondheim - rainy delight"  5  2Saagar  Norway
20"One of the oldest cities in Norway"  1  7wise23girl  State of Queensland
21"[NO TITLE]"  6  5gunno  Trondheim
22"Trondheim 3rd Largest City of Norway"  2  3imeley  Norway
23"On the way to a winterless north."  1  2Kiwigirlie  Auckland
24"Norwegian Coastal Voyage Part 3"  1  44geekgrrl  Honolulu
25"Trondheim"  4  15Vikingwoman  Norway
26"A weekend in Trondheim"  4  15Hildeal  Oslo
27"Elin's Trondheim Page"  3  10erovik  Oslo
28"Trondheim"  3  3Oda_  Bergen
29"Trondheim, an old norwegian town"  6  8Pravatti  Split
30"silje's new Trondheim page"  1silje  Trondheim
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