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1"Paul's Poland Page"  49  69Paul2001   Toronto
2"Between East and West .... in central Europe"  34  42magor65   Wroclaw
3"Sharrie's Poland Life-force"  29  30Sharrie   Hong Kong
4"Republic of Poland"  25  215hopang   Sweden
5"Countless reasons to Fall in Love...."  23  70mallyak   Sydney
6"Poland - I wouldn't like to live somewhere else"  40  69ania70pl  Warsaw
7"Why don't you come to Poland?"  31  100zaffaran  Gdynia
8"Poland the Great"  19  41evaanna  Poland
9"Where I Come From, Where I Live"  25  Warsaw
10"Ireland to Poland - Reversing the Traffic"  15  26Ekaterinburg  Cork
11"Poland, land of my forefathers"  13  11Elodie_Caroline  High Wycombe
12"You are welcome to Poland!"  14  29ZiOOlek  Warsaw
13"POLAND ~ my maternal roots"  12  29Pawtuxet  Rhode Island
14"Poland-Old Beauty and Rich History"  19  21bpwillet  Arlington
15"Poland - my homeland"  28  59sprdak11  Szczecin
16"GRANT IN POLAND."  7  10GrantBoone  Ealing
17"Poland!!"  8  16Arial_27  Thunder Bay
18"margaret's Poland Page"  15  62margaretvn  Netherlands
19"POLAND"  9  11swesn  Singapore
20"Poland"  14arantha  Katowice
21"[NO TITLE]"  8  13irvbur  Palmer
22"POLAND"  12  91Irato  Warsaw
23"[NO TITLE]"  8  8Skeptic-jr  Krakow
24"Sweet Home :-)"  4  12Kinia  Poland
25"Poland - my beautiful homeland"  10  7Polish_Mila  Mazury
26"An underrated country!"  5  5Sjalen  Sweden
27"Poland - not what you think"  4  7cheekykev  Warsaw
28"The Majesty of Poland."  4  32australia2  Melbourne
29"Ben-UK's Poland Page"  10  10Ben-UK  Manchester
30"Not in the west, nor in the East..."  5  6kolabor  Stalowa Wola
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