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1"WELCOME TO ASIA"  75  85SLLiew   Penang
2"Trawlling the memory banks"  39  38sourbugger   County Galway
3"Truly Asia"  45  65muddybok   Malaysia
4"Colorful Asia"  25  72nepalgoods   Hamburg
5"SOUTH EAST ASIA"  28  31lmkluque    San Diego
6"A S I A"  42  163imstress  Singapore
7"Keeweechic's Asia"  69  72keeweechic  World
8"Cruising Asia"  19  65aussirose  Perth
10"THE CONTINENT OF BLUE WATER"  25  252DAO  Wakefield
11"the heart of asia"  21  22ukirsari  London
12"Great Railway bazaar, a Rail Journey In SE Asia"  6  29mallyak  Sydney
13"ASIA : Absolutely Stunning, Interesting & Amazing"  8bkoon  Johor Bahru
14"Asia."  10  66cachaseiro  Denmark
15"ASIA"  11  12kiwigal_1  Santiago
16"Asia, where the sun rises"  7  10tompt  Noordeinde
17"Asia"  5  14volopolo  Greece
18"5 trips to Asia"  10mnybondas  Leander
19"UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Asia"  10  11tini58de  Karlsruhe
20"Asia by luiggi"  3  5luiggi  Figueres
21"My Grandpa Visiting Japan with sunglasses, cigar.."  2  81jumpingnorman  Phoenix
22"Sharrie's Asia Links"  73  74Sharrie  Bali
23"yongqing_wu's new Asia Page"  1yongqing_wu  Asia
24"[NO TITLE]"  1Aussienet  Newcastle
25"ozysinchina's new Asia Page"  9  5ozysinchina  Asia
26"Welcome to my Asia pages"  2  3B_Lacombe  Montreal
27"romeo2211's new Asia Page"  1romeo2211  Asia
28"Flying over Green Bali"  20  28balisunshine  Bali
29"WESTPAC ; ON A SLOW BOAT TO CHINA"  5  12miner  Indiana
30"Continent of Colours"  1  3csordila  Budapest
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