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1"Small, but enjoyable!"  20  44alemir82   Pisa
2"Lund, den lilla storstaden"  12  11Emica   Lund
3"Student life and history"  18  30Sjalen   Sweden
4"LUND, the most charming place to study in Sweden"  6  11lotharlerch   Telfs
5"Lund"  4  7illumina   Bristol
6"Lovely Lund"  2  2ahoerner  Curitiba
7"Lund"  4  5jonkb  Malmö
8"a place of religious and educational importance."  2  4cachaseiro  Denmark
9"Lund"  2  3AcornMan  Denver
10"Swedish University Town Lund"  3  4Soozay  Vancouver
11"Lund: Mostly Oldtown and Students"  4redsaga  Borås
12"[NO TITLE]"  1  1cocosmom  Raleigh
13"Lund"  2  2KenMore  Austin
14"Lund"  7  6HyperFredde  Lund
15"Lund"  2  6solopes  Turquel
16"university town Lund"  1  4maimu  Tallinn
17"Small town atmosphere"  3  2cute_polyglot  Copenhagen