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1"Helsingør, Hamlet's little Hometown"  21  26bpacker   Hong Kong
2"To be or not to be"  18  66mindcrime    Athens
3"HELSINGOR OR ELSINOR"  15  68balhannah   Brisbane
4"Moscow-Helsingor"  11  66Kuznetsov_Sergey   Moscow
5"Helsingor and Hamlets Castle"  7  8littlesam1   Baltimore
6"Helsingor or Elsinore"  11  12elcolibri  Isla de Tenerife
7"Lively old town with Unesco World Heritage site!"  5  7Roeffie  Druten
8"Helsingor (English Elsinore)"  5  12ginte  London
9"Helsingør -- Hamlet's Home!"  5  13Ewingjr98  Pennsylvania
10"Great Castle, nice walks and loots of beer..."  6  7zindara  Madrid
11"Shakespeare and Swedes"  7  8Sjalen  Sweden
12"HELSINGØR"  8  27ValbyDK  Copenhagen
13"Helsingør's Kronborg Castle"  2  2ahoerner  Curitiba
14"Helsingor and the Castle"  2  7ranger49   Wales
15"A Castle with a Bar and Swedish Booze Cruises..."  5  14johngayton   Lundy Island
16"A cosy little town"  3  11Joacim  Göteborg
17"[NO TITLE]"  3  3bscott1  Chicago
18"1 hour train journey from Cph - worth a visit!"  1  6poons  Staffordshire
19"Helsingør (Elsinore)"  1mikkel1980  Enschede
20"My hometown"  3  2Brage  Helsingør
21"Helsingor - Elsingor"  1  3zofka  Vilnius
22"Home of the Big Danish Toll-Booth"  2  9yooperprof  Marquette
23"Helsingør"  2  9Tuna_ank  Ankara
24"To Go or Not to Go that is the Question"  1  4RawdgerDodger  West Los Angeles
25"Shakespeare's choice"  4  9viddra  Kikinda
26"Helsingør - The perl in the danish crown"  1  2bogomil  Hlavni Mesto Praha
27"[NO TITLE]"  1tmk77  Kristianstad
28"Enjoy both Denmark and Sweden"  1YKR  Hamakita