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31"Breathing with history, pulsing with Italy"  7  8nina_z  Bratislava
32"Medieval and Renaissance Bergamo in snow"  8  39angiebabe  London
33"Bergamo and Northern Italy"  4  5Tommo5226  Irvine
34"Brief history"  4  7geordieontour  Wallsend-on-Tyne
35"WELCOME TO THE 'GAMO"  3  32DAO  Wakefield
36"Lovely town"  7  24Turska  Ylöjärvi
37"A Destination in it's own right"  6  13Mickos  Pudsey
38"Bergamo, Upper and Lower"  4  5BlueLlama  Manchester
39"Bergamo, Italy"  5  21SWFC_Fan  Sheffield
40"One of my favourite Italian cities"  3  17vincenzo_gaziano  Wasmuel
41"[NO TITLE]"  4  1Luigi6  London
42"Bergamo."  20  40Maurizioago  Caldonazzo
43"BERGAMO - Famous for its airport Orio al Serio"  33  48Pakistaniguy  London
44"Not enough time in Bergamo...."  4  5Jeannette1  California
45"Beautiful Bergamo"  5  6smicki  Brussels
46"Bergamo - little known gem of a city!"  5  6Paolomusc  Bridgend
47"[NO TITLE]"  7fmk  Bergamo
48"Bergamo"  2  20Balam  Manchester
49"Bergamo - VT Euromeet 2012"  2  14oriettaIT  Padova
50"31/11/2002"  9  13xaver  Porto Recanati
51"Tranquil Northern Italy"  2  3JennysTravels  Sardegna
52"Bergamo"  7  3Thalenser  Bergamo
53"[NO TITLE]"  1  8davesut  Manchester
54"Bergamo"  22  54mauro_pd  Cassano d'Adda
55"[NO TITLE]"  1  5bazsi79  Budapest
56"A Perfect place for Eurmeet 2012"  1  32Myfanwe  Cardiff
57"Bergamo Autumn 2002"  2  3MarvintheMartian  Shanghai
58"Bergamo: A beautiful small town with a view!"  2  3shibay1  Düsseldorf
59"Bergamo"  1  8lotharscheer  Vienna
60"BERGAMO"  1  6alyf1961   Leeds
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