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1"My Tale of Two Cities!"  105  651suvanki   Sheffield
2"A tale of two (Italian) cities"  42  161toonsarah    Ealing
3"Bergamo"  51  150croisbeauty    Zagreb
4"Town of two parts......"  39  222leics    Leicester
5"MEDIEVAL BERGAMO"  34  181LoriPori  Windsor
6"My 'BŔrghem'"  41  44barrikello  Bergamo
7"Bergamo CittÓ Alta, what a beautiful discovery!"  49  62irisbe  Antwerp
8"Where Two Halves Make More Than A Whole!"  40  196johngayton  Lundy Island
9"Two Cities, One Location"  47  182Gillybob  Manchester
10"Bergamo (my first EuroMeet!!)"  20  102Benson35  Manchester
11"Bergamo"  21  16juzz  Bristol
12"A sunny winterday in beautiful Bergamo"  19  20Mahieu  Belfast
13"Bergamo - Ryanair airport, but also beautiful city"  18  23Airpunk  Mainz
14"Bergamo"  15  13hojasdehierba  Mérida
15"Home to the VT 2012 Euromeet"  92  512pieter_jan_v  Hengelo
16"Bergamo"  28  78Redang  Madrid
17"The two opposite teams"  13  6Calcio  Göteborg
18"Bergamo, City of Euromeet 2012"  16  149Kathrin_E   Karlsruhe
19"Briefly in Bergamo.....(before VT Euro Meet)"  11  15sandysmith  West Kirby
20"Bergamo, what a wonderful surprise..."  28  28sim1  Sweden
21"Bergamo a jewel of an Italian city"  15  33montana32  Luton
22"Bergamo - great opportunity for a short stay"  13  43Paisleypaul  Paisley
23"mini-meeting's motto: "gnÓ f˛!" (roberto)"  10  28call_me_rhia  Europe
24"A City With Two Faces"  8  16EasyMalc  Paignton
25"My Bergamo Homepage"  6  12freddie18  Toronto
26"Bergamo."  26  62Maurizioago  Caldonazzo
27"Bergamo--Home of VT Euro 2012"  6  24painterdave  Padova
28"High and Low in Bergamo"  5  16Ekaterinburg  Cork
29"AN UNFORESEEN TRIP"  5  24jessy&tessa  Italy
30"QUAINT LITTLE TOWN"  6  6buzzz  Upton
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