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1"Home"  94  129fgfi   Florence
2"FIRENZE - FLORENCE"  104  367croisbeauty   Zagreb
3"My Relationship With Firenze"  62  160ForestqueenNYC   Paris
4"Firenze -Florence - Florenz - Florencia"  67  16mariocibelli   Florence
5"weekends in Florence"  117  387brendareed   Europe
6"Breathtaking Florence!"  43  142sue_stone  Sydney
7"Fabulous Florence"  40  44Jmill42  Austin
8"Fourth time round....."  44  155leics   Leicester
9"Florence - Birthplace of the Renaissance"  45  46geeyook  San Francisco
10"Florentia - Flourishing Florence"  42  61dvideira  Rio de Janeiro
11"Tuscan Renaissance City"  41  49bpwillet  Arlington
12"The City of the Medici"  32  100Jefie  Quebec
13"Finally, Florence!"  31  131goodfish   Minneapolis
14"Florence - The City of Art"  35  76codrutz  Bucharest
15"Dignified arrogance"  32  118Tijavi  Middle East
16"Florence - Art Capital of the World"  42  140Willettsworld  United Kingdom
17"...Firenze..."  39  57KiNyA  Slovenia
18"Florence - Amazing City, Amazing Art, Amazing!"  34  38MarvintheMartian  Shanghai
19"Fiorenza"  32  18kenadams  Florence
20"Bella Citta"  25  34cpiers47  Trieste
21"My beautiful Florence ....always !"  31  32kenyneo  Kuala Lumpur
22"Firenze !!"  28  26m-joy  Mülheim an der Ruhr
23"Welcome to Firenze!"  23  36Lhenne1  Tampa
24"Florence"  23  136Kuznetsov_Sergey  Moscow
25"Art, and Art, and,well, Art. Oh yes,and good food!"  18  27christine.j  Germany
26"Spectacular Florence"  18  49Donna_in_India  New Jersey
27"More than it Looks (and it looks like a lot)"  20  79jorgec25  Alcochete
28"~ F I R E N Z E ~"  19  45Marpessa  Canada
29"Florence"  22  25littlesam1  Baltimore
30"My Favorite city -- Firenze!"  17  27Sonador3  California
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