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1"Republic of Lithuania"  54  678hopang   Sweden
2"LIETUVA"  26  65ginte   London
3"Lithuania"  18  21grets   Bristol
4"Country of diversities - Lithuania"  39  63Raimix   Vilnius
5"Lithuania"  23  74giedre   Vienna
6"The HEART of Europe "Lithuania""  29  115Grazina  Page
7"Lithuania - Little Amber in My Hand"  31  40Redule  Vilnius
8"Little and Large in Lithuania"  12  14ettenaj  Bolton
9"ALL OF LITHUANIA"  8  7mrdarius  Bronx
10"Lietuva"  32  40DanielF  Europe
11"vysnaite's new Lithuania Page"  21  41vysnaite  Ravenna
12"[NO TITLE]"  8  22Niekie  Netherlands
13"The trip to the past"  23  53zaffaran  Gdynia
14"Lithuania- Right In The Middle"  5  14remigia  Kaunas
15"I think I love this country!"  7  8Carletto76  Gorizia
16"Lietuva by Laurike"  9  9Laurike  Vilnius
17"Leaving Lithuania"  5  6CliffClaven  Luxembourg
18"Welcome to LITHUANIA"  12  13Leipzig  Dessau
19"LITHUANIA"  20  34diamond7  Portugal
20"Lithuania - lovely country"  3  2Pablo_krak  Krakow
21"Lithuania by regions"  15  16Sonic747  Lithuania
22"CAMPINGTRIP THROUGH LITHUANIA"  7  34janvanommen  Nijkerk
23"Welcome to Lithuania!"  4  5yumyum  Zürich
24""  3  4SilentGATo  Chicago
25"new Lithuania Page"  5  6aistute  Klaipeda
26"Vilnius - A Most Beautiful City."  2  3travelswithsteve  London
27"Virtuous Vilnius."  3  4Dr.Knockboot  Toronto
28"[NO TITLE]"  2SarahBristol  World
29"Lithuania - Lithuania - Litauen"  3  5aterola  Klaipeda
30"Lithuania 2012"  1  6tini58de  Karlsruhe
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