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1"My hometown, my favourite town!"  65  105Carletto76   Gorizia
2"Genova again"  47  168croisbeauty   Zagreb
3"GENOA - THE CITY OF BEAUTIFUL CHURCHES"  43  115balhannah   Brisbane
4"Genua -to visit Chiara,Paolo & eventually Columbus"  47  120globetrott   Vienna
5"pollon's new Genoa Page"  19  67pollon   Italy
6"Ciao Genoa!!!"  18  19sim1  Sweden
7"Genoa"  25  49Willettsworld  United Kingdom
8"Italy is not only romeflorenceandvenice"  48  89utttz  Genoa
9"Oh Genoa, Genova, Zena, whatever you call yourself"  13  38craic  Carrum
10"Amor Perfetto"  12  27KristaB  Slovenia
11"Genova - City by the Sea"  12  18Jetgirly  North America
12"The Genoa G8 Summit 2001 - Inside the Red Zone"  41  42shivan  Rome
13"Cliffs and sunsets"  12  59Applelyn  Singapore
14"Fine arts and lot of fun"  13  11samp4life  Genoa
15"Maghy's Genoa pages"  23  45Maghy  Genoa
16"Ventimiglia, Pearl of the Floral Riviera"  8  12Tolik  Tampa
17"One night stand with Genova"  6  8caffeine_induced78  Eugene
18"Forgotten by tourists just like Milan and Turin..."  9  18Mikebond  Rovigo
19"Z E N A"  10  12Elisabcn  Paris
20"Genoa - Galata"  9  12Erkmen  Istanbul
21"The discovery of Genoa"  20  22Sarita76  Rome
22"An all too brief visit"  6  12oneonta_ni  Belfast
23"Genoa - the city of Columbus, Sampdoria and Genoa"  10  11Calcio  Göteborg
24"From the sky to the heart."  8  10piccolina  Como
25"Genoa - capital of Liguria"  5  8PetraG  Sankt Pölten
26"Italy's Main Port City"  8  22TexasDave  Atlanta
27"Genova"  4  5giampiero6  Venice
28"Genoa - Love at First Sight."  16  64IreneMcKay  Hong Kong
29"[NO TITLE]"  3  3sourbugger  County Galway
30"Birth place of Jeans and Columbus!"  3  8csordila  Budapest
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