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1"Lucca from the inside"  65  70illudiumqh36   Lucca
2"Lucca - a Gem of a City"  33  48alucas   Essex
3"Location, Location"  33  83BruceDunning   Huntsville
4"Lucca - Historical gem of the Tuscany"  24  45HORSCHECK    Germany
5"Lucca"  21  41micas_pt   Lisbon
6"A Small Taste of Lucca"  16  61sue_stone  Sydney
7"LUCCA."  25  58Maurizioago  Caldonazzo
8"My own little Tuscan crush"  18  51Jefie  Quebec
9"Lucca"  14  19deecat  Chicago
10"Fascinating Lucca"  15  15pigletsmom  Long Beach
11"Lucca, northern Tuscany"  15  30Helga67  Belgium
12"Do not forget Lucca in your Toscany's travels"  14  10PALLINA  Munich
13"A town where you can live in a quiet atmosphere"  15  18Azhut  Livorno
14"Within the walls of Lucca"  10  43Herkbert  Williamsville
15"Lucca, a city of many treasures"  13  22tzuki  Stevenage
16"White churches of Lucca"  12  21prleprle  Novi Sad
17"Take a looka Lucca!"  14  33Willettsworld  United Kingdom
18"LUCCA, THE WALLED CITY OF TUSCANY"  9  15travelgourmet  Westlake Village
19"Lucca, walk the wall...."  9  18painterdave  Padova
20"Lucca - the city of olive oil"  7  16codrutz  Bucharest
21"The secret's out so hurry!"  9  15travelrabbit  Tuscany
22"The Walled City"  6  8arty_girl  Northern Ireland
23"Ancient, noble Luk"  6  15alza  North America
24"Lovely........"  5  44leics  Leicester
25"Walls and an open heart"  5  20SPW  Williamstown
26"Lucca"  17  34Redang  Madrid
27"My name is Lucca........"  16  59Bigs  Hannover
28"I Love Lucca...."  9  5fabric_letters  England
29"Lucca, Italy"  7  20gemmarlv  Dallas
30"Lucca"  5  6Blatherwick  New Westminster
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