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1"Let's move to Ostia - Ostia ANTICA !!"  14  53icunme   Rome
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3"HALF DAY ON OSTIA ANTICA"  10  14lina112   Málaga
4"Landscape + Ruins : A Beautiful Combination"  6  41von.otter   World
5"Visit Ostia if you possibly can!"  4  14leics   Leicester
6"Antic Rome's port"  7  16sinoda  Helsinki
7"Ostia Antica"  3  13uglyscot  Khartoum
8"The Most Amazing Place"  2  13RoscoeGregg  Fort Scott
9"ostia antica"  2  34moacha  Okayama
10"Ostia Antica - Port of Ancient Rome"  3  2WulfstanTraveller  Santa Rosa
11"Still amazingly alive"  1  3ATLC  Hellevoetsluis
12"The mouth of the Tiber"  3  12alza  North America