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1"Palermo - My Home Town"  50  63Propermark   Bratislava
2"Palermo, past and present"  22  83TheWanderingCamel   State of Western Australia
3"Palermo, caput mundo di Sicilia..."  26  27kedi+   Italy
4"Sicilian capital on the up"  19  61Paisleypaul   Paisley
5"P A L E R M O!!!!!!!"  14  17ruki   Belgrade
6"Palermo"  12  19toonsarah  Ealing
7"Palermo and Western Sicily - Italy"  16  15lichinga  Torino
8"PALERMO"  11  26pecsihornet  Pecs
9"sicilia bella"  6  14domenicococozza  London
10"Palermo fascinating"  7  15marco2005  Torino
11"[NO TITLE]"  8  1monkeyfeesh  Manchester
12"Citta di Palermu"  11  1Superhans  United Kingdom
13"Palermo"  17  65oriettaIT  Padova
14"Palermo At Last (Finis)"  15  51hquittner  New Orleans
15"Palermo"  23  28Algaspar  Palermo
16"patrikske's new Sicily Page"  17  18patrikske  Oostende
17"Boisterous PALERMO"  4  4zumodemango  Madrid
18"Palermo"  6  12Lcannar  Newhall
19"Palermo"  3  9Alice-Kees  Haarlem
20"Palermo, Sicily"  27  89Danalia  Tel Aviv District
21"Palermo"  4  2matemix  Torino
22"[NO TITLE]"  4  15tim76  Europe
23"S I C I L I A"  10  12piccolina  Como
24"Coveted by many, Tamed by none"  2  4mikey_e  Ottawa
25"Palermo"  5  7isolina_it  Europe
26"Palermo - the land of confusion and chaos!"  5  4helenjones  Liverpool
27"Palermo"  4  412vic  London
28"[NO TITLE]"  2  2greekcypriot  Greece
29"Palermo-My Kinda Town"  2  6Ineedtogo  New York City
30"Capital of Arabic, Norman and Spanish Sicily"  6  40Oleg_D.  Saint Petersburg
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