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1"A real parmigiana"  36  77Manara   Parma
2"Ham? Cheese? Violets?"  21  19Bunsch   Providence
3"Parma"  23  56Mikebond   Rovigo
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5"P A R M A"  13  32call_me_rhia   Europe
6"Henrik's Parma page"  13  30Henrik_rrb  Göteborg
7"Parma - small clubs can still win big titles"  9  3Calcio  Göteborg
8"Parma - food is not the only thing"  7  16Airpunk  Mainz
9"History, food and famous citizens"  19  30matcrazy1  Tychy
10"Parma"  6  21JessieLang  Spokane
11"The headquarter of European Food Authority"  7  6PALLINA  Munich
12"Parma"  3  12marktynernyc  New York City
13"A Sunday Afternoon in Parma"  40  203von.otter  New York City
14"Parma"  2  2stefano99  Melbourne
15"Parma - a very quick look!"  1  4BarbaraForza  Trieste
16"Parma"  1  5oriettaIT  Padova
17"The land of Parma ham :)"  1  6kzngirl  London
18"Parma! Listen to Your Friends"  3  11RoscoeGregg  Fort Scott
19"Parma, Salsomaggiore and Appennino"  6  5lichinga  Torino
20"[NO TITLE]"  2Burova  Rome
21"Peeeerma!"  1  1johnmi  Milan
22"PARMA"  1  8Laserone  Piacenza
23"It's Almost All About The Food!"  1  7painterdave  Padova
24"Parma"  1  12PSK808  Seattle
25"Road Trip to Parma - Milano - La Spezia"  1  7ShOcker  Leefdaal
26"Pina's new Parma Page"  2  2Pina  Italy
27"One suny day in Parma"  3  4prleprle  Novi Sad
28"Cutypie's new Parma Page"  2  2Cutypie  Finland
29"Welcome to the food valley !!!"  6  7mauro_pd  Cassano d'Adda
30"Parma and Antonio Allegri da Correggio"  1  1Cristian_Uluru  Italy