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1"The Wonderful Town Of Pienza"  19  63Cristian_Uluru   Italy
2"Pienza"  13  45sue_stone   Sydney
3"Italy's Most Beautiful Spot"  15  18RoyJava   The Hague
4"Pienza, il cuore della Toscana"  4  20myriam_c   Kalmthout
5"The beautiful Val d'Orcia"  3  4skywalkerbeth   Ashburn
6"Pienza, Bagno Vignoni and Sant Antimo"  4  23raintown4  Seattle
7"The Pecorino town"  2  6oriettaIT  Padova
8"[NO TITLE]"  4  8kathymof  Fresno
9"One of Tuscany's Gems."  1  8knips  Husby
10"Pienza"  1  7royalempress  Whidbey Island
11"Charm on a Mountaintop"  3  12Kandise  New Iberia
12"P I E N Z A"  1  2Aurorae  Belgrade
13"The perfect city......."  3  10piccolina  Como
14"I Smell Pecorino ....................."  3  3cjg1  New York City