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1"R O M E"  242  665icunme   Rome
2"TO THE SOURCES OF MY CULTURE AND HISTORY."  146  377breughel   Belgium
3"Roma - Cittą Eterna"  142  502MM212   London
4"Roma, una citta stupenda"  130  491croisbeauty   Zagreb
5"Rome : A Surpise Around Every Corner"  161  722von.otter   New York City
6"weekends in Rome"  101  378brendareed  Europe
7"Awestruck in Rome"  79  90Lacristina  Pittsburgh
8"La Cittą Dei Sette Colli"  81  308goodfish  Minneapolis
9"The world's biggest open air museum?"  94  117martin_nl  Hoofddorp
10"Rome, an extended visit"  84  127tompt  Noordeinde
11"The Best of European Capitals"  97  104mrclay2000  Oklahoma City
12"Rome the Eternal City ....of Love and Ice-Creams"  114  133sandysmith  West Kirby
13"Belissima Roma"  68  94Jmill42  Austin
14"Rome - a blend of old and new"  83  245monica71  Saint Charles
15"Roman Holiday"  70  229mindcrime  Athens
16"Amazing Rome"  91  254abarbieri  Rome
17"Little stories behind big events in history...."  55  65belgianchocolate  Antwerp
18"Rome wasn't built in one day!"  54  70AlexDJ  Rome
19"Rome: So much to do, never enough time"  49  51monorailgold  Pittsburgh
20"Rome - it grows on you!"  43  150sue_stone  Sydney
21"Roma ; non basta una pizza............"  73  199Paisleypaul  Paisley
22"My favourite city in the world"  55  52jungles  Paris
23"Living in Rome"  43  112craic  Carrum
24"Home sweet home"  93  113Sarita76  Rome
25"Seen on the Via Veneto"  42  164TheWanderingCamel  State of Western Australia
26"rome"  46  49doug48  Orlando
27"History and charm for all eternity!"  60  243Jefie   Quebec
28"Roman Holiday!"  53  84illumina  Bristol
29"Benvenuti!"  52  31nicolettart  New Jersey
30"LA BELLA AND ETERNAL ROMA"  47  59lina112  Málaga
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