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1"Small town with lots of towers"  26  78croisbeauty   Zagreb
2"The Town with Towers"  30  79Cristian_Uluru   Italy
3"San Gimignano delle belle torri"  30  85MM212   London
4"San Gimignano"  18  33micas_pt   Lisbon
5"San Gimignano, City of Towers"  19  48Helga67  Belgium
6"San Gimignano"  20  19Aurorae  Belgrade
7"Under the Tuscan Sun"  17  38Jmill42  Austin
8"Our little town..."  15  21belgianchocolate  Antwerp
9"San Gimignano"  11  37sue_stone  Sydney
10"...San Gimignano..."  18  19KiNyA  Slovenia
11"San Gimignano"  10  12pigletsmom  Long Beach
12"Town of towers - medieval experience"  12  12satara  Luxembourg
13"The Tuscany Manhattan"  10  10shivan  Rome
14"more than sunflowers and rolling hills"  5  11call_me_rhia  Europe
15"San Gimignano"  3  5EllenH  Hamilton
16"Tourist drop"  6  13BruceDunning  Huntsville
17"Tuscan Tower Town"  3  4sandysmith  West Kirby
18"San Gimimoney"  3  10nicolaitan  Long Island
19"The village of the many towers"  4  10oriettaIT  Padova
20"City of Towers"  4  5BorneoGrrl  Malaysia
21"welcome to San Gimignano, Chianti hills"  8  9randychiara  Rio de Janeiro
22"San Gimignano"  11  12sim1  Sweden
23"Frozen in the 1300s for your Visiting Pleasure"  2  5cpiers47  Trieste
24"A Touch Of Medevial Tuscany"  3  17babettu  Malta
25"San Gimignano"  2  11susancallus  Malta
26"[NO TITLE]"  4  2gigina  Malta
27"San Gimignano- Twin Towers"  5  12einokj  Helsinki
28"Nice place - im coming soon for create this page!"  3  8Fabrizio_M.  Milan
29"The Towers of Tuscany"  2  3tommyt1971  Poughkeepsie
30"San Gimignano"  16  35Bigs  Hannover
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