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1"A thousand shades of brown"  44  51belgianchocolate   Antwerp
2"Siena: a good place to learn Italian :-)"  39  102Trekki   Germany
3"Siena is wonderful place"  66  199croisbeauty   Zagreb
4"Siena"  28  123sue_stone   Sydney
5"The true star of Tuscany"  30  116Tijavi   Middle East
6"Siena, the ochre city"  28  46Helga67  Belgium
7"...Siena..."  28  29KiNyA  Slovenia
8"Why, It's a Bird...It's a Plane....It's....."  17  19karenincalifornia  San Rafael
9"Siena"  43  190MM212  London
10"The Real Queen of Tuscany"  14  33Jefie  Quebec
11"One Gigantic Postcard"  14  17rexvaughan  Decatur
12"Siena, the Tuscan Gem"  14  3alysania  Parsippany
13"Tuscany's Beauty"  14  47viddra  Kikinda
14"Siena"  14  15sim1  Sweden
15"Learning Italian in Siena"  18  67JoostvandenVondel  Stourbridge
16"***SIENA - BEAUTY OF TUSCANY***"  11  10m-joy  Mülheim an der Ruhr
17"SIENA: NEVER IN MY WILDEST DREAMS"  9  24ForestqueenNYC  Paris
18"Siena- Tuscan Beauty"  11  13Venturingnow  Tampa
19"Beautiful Siena of Tuscany"  11  18BorneoGrrl  Malaysia
20"Ah...Siena!"  8  16leics  Leicester
21"Siena"  8  19smschley  Hayward
22"guell's Siena Page"  16  19guell  San Francisco
23"World Heritage impressive Siena"  13  67angiebabe  Xi'an
24"Siena, a very complex town"  7  478Eva  Wyoming
25"Siena - Tuscan Gem"  12  36Herkbert  Williamsville
26"Siena"  18  59Redang  Madrid
27"Siena Surprise"  16  15syllybabe  Happy Corner
28"The Flags symbolize Tradition"  7  29BruceDunning  Huntsville
29"Siena, Italy"  16  17acemj  Philadelphia
30"Siena"  5  9roamer61  Long Island
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