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1"STRESA"  26  27olja1234   Ljubljana
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4"Stresa - a beautiful town at Lago Maggiore"  11  37ettiewyn   Germany
5"Lake Maggiore , The Beauty Of The Italian Lakes"  8  21Mikebb   Perth
6"A Place Outside of Time"  33  34ChrsStrl  Lucerne
7"Lake and mountains"  6  11miniman2804  Bracknell
8"Stresa, Italy"  6  7Callavetta  San Francisco
9"Stresa, Lake Maggiore"  6  4SarahHardy  Garda
10"Highlight of Lago Maggiore"  3  16edwis  Tampa
11"[NO TITLE]"  5  2ealgisi  Lugano
12"The Restful Stop on our 2012 European Vacation"  11  36riorich55  Naperville
13"Stresa - a resort of two halves"  3  12johnwaring  Manchester
14"Stresa and the Bristol Hotel"  1genebeans  Boca Raton