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1""The Smoke that Thunders""  31  33grets   Bristol
2"Mosi-oa-Tunya"  28  53PierreZA   Pretoria
3"Victoria Falls, the smoke that thunders"  27  28sachara   Emmen
4"VICTORIA FALLS, ZIMBABWE"  35  38safardreams   Rhode Island
5"Victoria Falls - The smoke that thunders."  18  21K.Knight   Buderim
7"Twenty-six hours at Victoria Falls"  11  6travelmad478  Delaware
8"Mosi-oa-Tunya - The smoke that thunders"  12  33glennkasner  Cape Town
9"The smoke that thunders"  13  16SirRichard  Madrid
10"Me avec the Falls"  10  20THLIN  Shenzhen
11"Safari day 5 and 6"  7  23Rusket  Drangedal
12"Roaring excitement at Victoria Falls !"  6  46Alain_Smeets  Molenbeersel
13"The Smoke that thunders"  7  10mvtouring  South Africa
14"Beautiful Victoria Falls"  9  35queensgirl  Brooklyn
15"A few days in Victoria Falls"  8  5Pollyanna1  Nottingham
16"Victoria falls - the dream that came true"  13  29magor65  Wroclaw
17"The Mighty Falls"  15  28kentishgirl  London
18"Backpacking in Victoria Falls"  54  257georeiser  Oslo
19"Falling for The Falls!"  5  10CatherineReichardt  Johannesburg
20"'Mosi-oa-Tunya' - 'The Smoke that Thunders'"  9  36Zanzibargirl  Newcastle
21"Smoke that Thunders"  6  29Orchid  Melbourne
22"The Town and the Falls!"  4Durfun  London
23"[NO TITLE]"  4  8gonzo747  Hechtel
24"Victoria Falls"  3  2mikelisaanna  New Jersey
25"Victoria Falls--Quiet and Safe World Wonder"  5Chiefcounsel  Chantilly
26"Victoria Falls"  4  16skatzcatz  Darwin
27"[NO TITLE]"  7raraavis  Coyote Hole
28"Victorial Falls"  9  8Bigs  Hannover
29"Victoria Falls"  5  7visserm  Somerset West
30"Victoria Falls"  6  33leffe3  Melbourne
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