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1"It's worth trying to find Urbino"  13  12Bunsch   Providence
2"Town made of bricks"  10  13Enzyme_X   Ljubljana
3"One of the Reasons We Came to the Le Marche"  5  9deecat   Chicago
4"Urbino, a brief special visit for a Festa del Duca"  4  7Trekki   Germany
5"Urbino"  3  15stefano99   Melbourne
6"Interesting little Urbino"  2  3yelyah99  Glasgow
7"The Ideal Renaissance Town"  2anne_h  Chicago
8"LA CITTĄ DEL VENTO"  2  3bedpotatoe  Madrid
9"URBINO"  2  1Cidricu  Urbino
10"Urbino: A Ducal Paradise"  12  62von.otter  World
11"[NO TITLE]"  3  3xristos83  Washington D.C.