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1"Very pretty...."  6  37leics    Leicester
2"Varenna, Lake Como's finest"  5  15slcook52   Newcastle
3"Varenna - Lakeside village with charm"  7  34suvanki   Sheffield
4"An idyllic little town on Lago di Como"  4  10londonlover   Chicago
5"Varenna - Diamond of the Lake"  3  4tpal   Buffalo
6"Lakeside Location"  4  15Gillybob  Manchester
7"See my Lago di Como 3 Travelogue for more info."  1  1glo39  New Hampshire
8"Varenna, Italy"  1  6amyleaps  Los Gatos
9"[NO TITLE]"  1  5DrNona  Haifa
10"Varenna"  2  4Peterodl  Maplewood
11"On the Lakeside in Varenna"  2  3Roadquill  Calabasas
12"VARENNA"  3  21LoriPori  Windsor
13"Varenna"  3  6SallyM  Great Missenden
14"A picturesque village"  3  4barrikello  Bergamo