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1"Venezia"  239  962croisbeauty   Zagreb
2"Wandering around Venice with Suvanki"  188  626suvanki   Sheffield
3"Amore eterno per Venezia la Serenissima :-)"  118  473Trekki   Germany
4"Venice the City of Art"  94  176Zvrlj   Kragujevac
5"Vacations in Venice"  110  259sandysmith   West Kirby
6"MERAVIGLIOSA VENEZIA"  80  188Cristian_Uluru  Italy
7"Giacomo CASANOVA"  63  155breughel  Belgium
8"Venezia"  81  271MM212  London
9"The incomparable beauty of Venice"  59  178Jefie  Quebec
10"The Magical City of Venice!"  47  192sue_stone  Sydney
11"Our honeymoon!!!"  72  131Jerelis  Hoogeveen
12"Secrets of Venice"  65  70nicolettart  New Jersey
13"Venice.....we still think we're dreaming"  53  112mapakettle  Calgary
14"Venice - Bruges of the South? Most romantic city !"  67  108Luchonda  Gent
15"Hidden Venice..."  78  132rich77  Bologna
16"Venice, a city on the water"  157  549Fam.Rauca  Vienna
17"UNIQUE CITY OF THE WORLD"  47  220Onedragon  Honolulu
18"The Town of the Merchant"  44  46fishandchips  Christchurch
19"Venezia - Love at First Sight"  36  59JetlagCity  Seattle
20"Venice - Italian city on water"  33  74HORSCHECK  Germany
21"Much as expected, really.........."  37  124leics  Leicester
22"Water Everywhere"  43  166BruceDunning  Huntsville
23"The Queen of the Adriatic"  32  115csordila  Budapest
24"Unsinkable beauty"  37  97Tijavi  Middle East
25"Venice"  39  74Martin_S.  Arad
26"labyrinth of inspiration"  32  113mindcrime  Athens
27"Don't "Do" Venice - Enjoy it"  29  37christine.j  Germany
28"Going Solo in Venice"  31  104cheapskate  Singapore
29"Venice"  36  50clairegeordio  Buckinghamshire
30"Venice at sub zero temperatures!"  35  128zadunajska8  Eastbourne
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