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1"Vernazza and the Cinque Terre"  27  147sue_stone   Sydney
2"Vernazza - Cinque Terre"  30  105tini58de   Karlsruhe
3"Vernazza - Cinque Terre"  24  94croisbeauty   Zagreb
4"V E R N A Z Z A"  18  18Aurorae   Belgrade
5"Vernazza - Pearl of the Cinque Terre"  16  27HORSCHECK   Germany
6"Vernazza and the Beautiful Cinque Terre"  12  14lamentforicarus  Tucson
7"The heart of the Cinque Terre"  9  25toonsarah  Ealing
8"Vernazza"  6  8MATIM  Gilze
9"The best one in my opinion"  4  16xaver  Porto Recanati
10"The Jewel of the Ligurian"  6  6gabasto  Atlanta
11"Cinque Terre's Fourth Town From The South"  6  8guell  San Francisco
12"Heartbreak and Healing"  4  30goodfish  Minneapolis
13"A Walk by The Sea With Food"  5  24RoscoeGregg  Fort Scott
14"The Gem of Cinque Terre"  4  12wilocrek  Salt Lake City
15"Cinque Terre - Vernazza"  3  7ruki  Belgrade
16"Vernazza Cinque Terre"  2  5jeffmartinartist  Melbourne
17"[NO TITLE]"  4  6jujubeetravel  Dallas
18"The Enchanting Cinque Terre"  2  8Maestro232  Belchertown
19"Simply stunning."  2  3jjkent  Portland
20"[NO TITLE]"  2swinny  Montesano
21"Vernazza"  3  4sunchasers  Oslo
22"Intro to Vernazza"  3  5Barbie&Dave  London
23"Cinque Terre"  2  7Summer33  Los Angeles
24"Vernazza - the jewel in the Cinque Terre"  2  6cehansen  Wellington
25"Most beautifull in Cinque Terre"  2  5vj_nija  Kaunas
26"Le Cinque Terre"  1  10myriam_c  Kalmthout
27"[NO TITLE]"  1connie2003  El Paso
28"Vernazza: Part of the Cinque Terre"  2  10LostBoyPN  San Francisco
29"Very pretty place, Vernazza........"  1  12leics  Leicester
30"[NO TITLE]"  1matters07  Ottawa
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