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1"Ngorongoro Conservation Area"  12  22fishandchips   Christchurch
2"Ngorongoro Crater - Eighth Wonder of the World?!!"  9  24jackfruit   Antwerp
3"Ngorongoro Crater - oh, oh, oh!"  18  54Penelope4   Vienna
4"A Garden of Eden?"  7  23toonsarah   Ealing
5"Ngorongoro - Open Air Zoo"  7  7Myndo   Basel
6"A huge crater"  9  15Rusket  Drangedal
7"The Ngorongoro Crater"  6  15easterntrekker  Halifax
8"A World Heritage Crater"  11  26tompt  Noordeinde
9"Ngorongoro Conservation Area"  4  12Maeve_81  Lier
10"Ngorongoro Crater"  3  6SumTingWong  Vancouver
11"ngorongorongorongorongorongorong...."  5  6Rawicz  Lomianki
12"The World Heritage listed Ngorongoro Crater."  13  27K.Knight  Buderim
13"Ngorongoro Conservation Park"  3  46Zanzibargirl  Newcastle
14"Ngorongoro Crater"  2  18PeteG  Tunbridge Wells
15"Animals Everywhere"  12  10sarahandgareth  Medford
16"A mystical place"  3  8Robert_Hun  Budapest
17"The Noah Ark of Africa"  2  3inuit  Israel
18""The Lost World""  1  4Pablos_new  Moscow
19"Where the Wild Things Are"  3  6Geisha_Girl  Le Soul
20"Ngorengoro Crater"  20  90Jim_Eliason  Arlington
21"Stunning!"  2  5littlebush  Auckland
22"Natural African Beauty"  2  3JohnniOmani  Kampala
23"Like being in a ZOO"  1  4croatia2006  Helsinki